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Tinder Dating App Launches Disappearing Photo Feature Called 'Moments' ' Moments', the newly added photo feature on Tinder, is one such example. Released by . How To Use Your Android Phone As A Security Key. After I updated my tinder app I can no longer see profile pictures or moments. They just appear as a white blank screen. If I go into a person's. Then technology came into the picture, and striking up a Tinder CEO Sean Rad says, "It's about sharing these moments, and just because. Tinder added a new photo-sharing feature called "Moments" to help users connect more easily with suitable matches. Tinder gets animated: New 'Loops' profile pictures launched globally . the mobile Tinder app on iPhone or Android and tap the newly-added pin icon, . The moment Japan's Hayabusa2 probe BOMBS an asteroid with a. Tinder's new feature is called Moments, and it allows users to share photos through chat. Like Snaps, Moments are ephemeral: they disappear. In an update to Tinder rolling out today, you can now send photos to matches, a la Snapchat. interesting/attractive — when it first debuted on Android only almost a year ago. All new is a feature Tinder is calling “Moments. Tinder has dominated the online dating field over the last two years, reaching All your matches can see and swipe your moments left (nope) and right (like) You hold down the button to take a picture, have the option to filter it, write on it Download Tinder or update your app today on iOS and Android. Just yesterday, Tinder launched an update that adds employment/education information into the user’s profile as well as a revamped inbox, placing new matches in the top bar and current conversations in the lower part of the screen. With the inbox revamp, Moments, the app’s.