Transmission jumps in and out of overdrive

My transmission is slipping in and out of overdrive. It is pretty violent at low RPM. But in High RPM, you can just see the RPM'S jumping up ever. In overdrive it will still randomly shift out of overdrive, at any speed. a $30 speed sensor causing the computer to jump in and out of overdrive. I have a Aerostar L, automatic. The transmission has started dropping out of overdrive into drive while at speed. It's very inconsistent as. I have a Z71 Silverado with a 4L60e (M30) transmission. The truck has miles. Mostly highway with no towing. Tranny was. Check out this thread from another question for more info. It started with 4th going out, then i lost third, deteriorated further to losing 2nd. My 98 GMC trans shifts in & out of O/ though there is no change in the grade of the road or any other factors that would change the. Hi, my ford escape has a V6,automatic transmission, My transmission keeps dropping out of overdrive continuely,but seems when its. While driving on the freeway or highway, the Overdrive starts to go in and out; downshifting and upshifting willy nilly. It has a manual button for. Without a doubt the transmission is one of the most intricate and complicated pieces in and out of gear; Shifting out of overdrive on its own; Faulty transmission.

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