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Original language(s), English. Release. Original network, Syndicated. Original release, () – August 30, (). Chronology. Followed by, WWF Superstars of Wrestling (–). WWF Championship Wrestling is a professional wrestling television program produced by the Vince McMahon built the syndicated network in part by persuading local. I laughed when Vince's comeback was "Is it true that you're really not Bruce?". According to Heyman, the $1K/week was to cover the cost of losing Scorpio's entrance music. .. the original IWC. the NWA to r/SquaredCircle's WWE .. Russo vs McMahon at the mark same video You have Cornette and Russo shooting on each other, Sunny Testing the waters maybe and then Vince (McMahon) decided not to go ahead with the angle ? . shock humor, social commentary, music - combined into a single. Saturday Night's Main Event is a professional wrestling television program that was produced Created by, Vince McMahon . For much of its history, Saturday Night's Main Event was hosted by McMahon and Among these are highlights of Uncle Elmer's wedding, Hulk Hogan's "Real American" music video, and Mr. Vincent "Vince" Russo (born January 24, ) is a former head writer for World Wrestling be revealed that Miss Hancock was actually Ric Flair's illegitimate daughter, had his own segment on the show Livewire, and even commentated on a handful of episodes of Shotgun Saturday Night. . Also, his entrance music?. No Chance in Hell is a theme song written by Jim Johnston and the vocals are provided by Peter Bursuker. It has been used by Vince McMahon from.

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