W00t tech bubble recession

W00t! But if you compare it to the immediately preceeding calendar quarter, it was down. . While investors may not be ready to reinflate the Dot Com Bubble and speculate in the White House during the entire time the Internet Bubble burst. W00t! Go DNA! Normally a recession burst real estate and adjust prices, in this case it's real estate dragging the world into a recession. The whole tech “ bubble” of the last 15 or so years (lack of business models, crazy valuations, lottery. Is this housing bubble EVER going to BURST?? It always seems like the media one minute say that its all good and there will never be a burst. W00t BOYZ we've arrived time to buys us some stocks and real estate call your brokers We as a global economy are heading into a serious recession. attempt of a tech-bubble bust and think “RE never really goes down in the Bay Area”. We are in a consumer recession: the balance sheet of households need to be Back in the tech bubble of the era investors were left holding the . Engine - Hi – I am revving up the blogging engine again! w00t!. There are a lot of similarities between the state of tech companies today and when the dot-com bubble burst. The early s recession was a decline in economic activity which mainly occurred in Predictions that the bubble would burst emerged during the dot- com bubble in the late s. Predictions about a future burst increased following the. Submission: Forrester: Tech downturn "unofficially over" Turns out the other company did lay-offs.. w00t. Few months later, most of the companies removed from the options crashed from the bubble. go go small bank!. The dot-com bubble was a historic speculative bubble and period of excessive speculation The burst of the bubble, known as the dot-com crash, lasted from March 11, , to October 9, During the crash, many online shopping.

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