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addResourceLocations("classpath:/META-INF/resources/webjars/swagger-ui/ 3/"); } // [ ] } Same can be done with with xml in your spring configuration. Webjars allows you to treat your javascript dependencies like any other java dependency. Add the swagger-ui webjars as a runtime. I'd like to share an approach for integrating SwaggerUI into Scala projects, using http4s as example. With webjars available you don't need to. WebJar for swagger-ui ✓ Download JAR swagger-ui ✓ With of the artifact swagger-ui version from the group pethydro.org Home» pethydro.orgs» swagger-ui. Swagger UI. WebJar for Swagger UI. License, Apache Categories, Web Assets. Tags, assetswebuiswaggerapi. Used By. Contribute to webjars/swagger-ui development by creating an account on GitHub . Hence I did a Google search on how to co-host Swagger UI with my In the web. xml we tell Jersey to add Swagger resources to it's list of. Contents mirror NPM package; GroupId: pethydro.org; ArtifactId: NPM Package or URL-based .. "pethydro.org" % "swagger-ui-themes" % "" . swagger-uipom. Choose dependency snippet: Maven | Gradle | Ivy. pethydro.orgs swagger-ui. Categories, Web Assets. HomePage, pethydro.org Date, (Jun 19, ). Files, jar ( MB) View All. Repositories, CentralSonatype. Used By, 94 artifacts .