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The Story Behind the World's Most Famous Desktop Background Microsoft dubbed it Bliss, and, since Windows XP was released in , it's been seen by at. I compiled a list of the default Windows XP desktop background wallpapers. XP was everywhere when I was getting my start on the web. The Windows XP wallpaper, known to everyone as Bliss, is without a doubt the most famous desktop background that ever got to see daylight. Bliss is the name of the default computer wallpaper of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system. It is an unedited photograph of a green hill and blue sky with. Windows Xp Default Wallpapers. Release date: A new release of Windows is available now. Windows team announced new version of Windows on. The iconic default Microsoft XP wallpaper “Bliss” is considered to be the their stock library to illustrate the philosophy of Windows XP, and the. Microsoft XP Bliss Wallpaper refers to edits and parodies made to the image of a rolling green hill and a blue sky that acts at the default Microsoft XP wallpaper. Discover Location of the Microsoft Windows XP Default Wallpaper in Sonoma, California: The unedited photograph called "Bliss" has graced the screens of over . Like Windows XP itself, Microsoft's 'Bliss' image of rolling green hills has aged, and evolved. Here's its story— and what the real-world site.

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