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List the name and date of birth of all children subject to this Parenting Plan. NO RESTRICTIONS should be included in the Parenting Plan, because neither. Your child custody and visitation schedule is important to you and to your child. Here's how to set up a West Virginia visitation schedule. Guidelines for Custody and Visitation Schedule "A" (provided by James Wilson Douglas). I. (a) The custodial parent shall take the necessary action with school. Motion for sibling visitation when action for divorce, custody, legal establishing a specific visitation schedule, and resolving any issues related. Guidelines for Custody and Visitation Schedule "B". Information Provided by: James Wilson Douglas, Esq. (To the extent of differentiation from Schedule 'A' only). West Virginia courts encourage parents to work together to agree on a custody and visitation schedule before asking the judge to make an order. The court is. When parents divorce, it is important to learn about the child custody PLLC in Charleston and Hurricane, West Virginia, can often make the difference. custody with joint legal custody and a generous visitation schedule for. What is a Parenting Plan? What does a common parenting schedule look like? To answer these questions and more, read this article. If you and your child's parent can reach an agreement, then you can sign a parenting plan. The West Virginia Family Court parenting plan is a legal document submitted to the court by your attorney. It indicates the name of the petitioner.

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